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SusanPrep specializes in assisting with the college

application process and the enhancement of

written and verbal English language skills.

We focus on the following areas through

classes and private consulting:


College Application Assistance

College/Scholarship Essay Advice & Editing



 Interview Preparation - For Colleges, Internships, & Jobs

Edit On-Call/Writing Coach Services for Businesses & Individuals

English as a Second Language (ESL)


SusanPrep is Now
Located in the Phoenix Area!

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College Applications. . .
Are you starting to think about college, or getting ready to prepare your applications? We can advise you on, or guide you through, the entire college application process--from deciding where to apply to making the final decision--and every step in between.


College & Scholarship Essays. . .
Do you want your essays to shine, and stand out among hundreds or thousands? Our step-by-step procedure can help you decide what to write about, organize your ideas, and develop unique essays that sell your strengths and background. If you've already written your essays, we can review or edit them to make sure that your ideas are presented in the most effective manner.

Interview Preparation. . .

Would you like to feel more comfortable in interviews, and be sure that you're presenting your background and qualifications in the best possible manner? We can advise you on how to answer the most common and difficult questions, provide you with strategies to conquer nervousness, and teach you how to make sure that the interviewer knows the most important information about you before you leave the interview room.

Edit On-Call/Writing Coach. . .

Do you ever wonder if you're presenting your ideas in the best possible way--using proper wording, grammar, and punctuation? We can serve as your on-call writing advisor--a convenient resource to assist with questions or edits--and provide you with skills that you'll use throughout your lifetime.

English as a Second Language (ESL). . .

Are you ready to learn English, or improve your conversational or written English language skills? We provide English language tutoring that's customized to meet your needs. Whether you're a new student of the English language, an intermediate speaker, or someone who has spoken English for years who would like to fine-tune your usage or pronunciation skills, we can teach you what you want to learn in a comfortable, low stress manner.


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