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About Us


Susan Larik, the founder of SusanPrep, is the mother of two sons-- graduates of the University of Arizona and Boston College. She developed and currently teaches the following classes:


Navigating the College Application Maze

  Writing Essays that Shine




In Susan's words:


       When my older son was getting ready to apply to colleges, I was lucky enough to have several friends with children a year or two older than mine who educated me on the process. I spent an incredible amount of time over several years researching and visiting colleges with my boys, proofreading applications, editing essays, and searching for scholarships for my kids, my kids' friends, and my friends' kids. I learned a lot during this process. I founded SusanPrep to offer other families the benefit of my experience. I hope to provide guidance that will save time, reduce aggravation, and make the application preparation and essay writing processes go as smoothly as possible.

         As I worked with students over the years, I often received requests for expanded services. I recognized that our community could benefit from having a resource for other skills that I had developed throughout my career. SusanPrep was expanded to include Interview Preparation, Edit On-Call/Writing Coach Services, and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring.




Before starting SusanPrep, Susan enjoyed a 20+ year business career that included work as a C.P.A. with a multi-national accounting firm, job search and recruiting with a national firm, and management consulting with emphasis on small business profitability.