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SusanPrep's Edit On-Call/Writing Coach Services

Business Professionals, Students, Non-native English Speakers, Others. . .

Would you like to become a more confident writer?

Would you like to make sure that your grammar, wording, and punctuation are perfect for a particular message, assignment, report, website page, or other document?

Could you benefit from having an easily accessible resource to review your writing before it goes out?

SusanPrep can help!

We offer several options to assist you with your current writing and editing needs, and help you to improve your writing for the future.

Option 1 – Edit On-Call

Send us your e-mails, blogs, newsletters, essays, reports, customer correspondence, or any other written material.

  • Send you an edited document with change recommendations. (You can make the changes that you agree with, then send it back for a final review.)


  • Edit it and send you a corrected copy that’s ready-to-go.

    Option 2 – Writing Coach Services

    Send us your written material on an ongoing basis.



    • Offer detailed suggestions to improve the grammar, punctuation, wording, structure, etc. of the document.

    •  Analyze your writing and recommend "big 

           picture" ways to improve  it.

      •  Teach you how to make your writing crisper, and

             more focused, interesting, and concise.

        • Address any questions that you have. 

          Option 3 – Customized Writing & Editing Services

          Do you know what you want to say, but feel unsure how to present it?

          SusanPrep can help!

          We can edit something that you’ve already written, or send us your notes and instructions and we’ll write it for you.


          How Do I Get Started?

          Call for a free phone consultation, or e-mail us to let us know what you need. After that, you’ll send your work to us, and we’ll send back the edited or notated version.

          What is the Time Frame?

          Short pieces can often be completed within hours. For longer assignments, let us know when you’d like to have your material back, and we’ll commit to a firm completion date after we evaluate the work time required.

          Need a quick turn-around? Let us know when you'll be sending your material and we'll schedule time to complete it within your time frame.