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SusanPrep's Philosophy & Approach



College Application Assistance


The college application process has become more complicated and time-consuming than ever before, and most students utilize some degree of adult guidance these days. At SusanPrep, we help you navigate the college application maze. We show you how to present your credentials most effectively, and make the application process go faster and more smoothly.


We can guide you through all or part of the application process, or serve as a convenient resource for questions that come up from time to time.



College/Scholarship Essay Advice & Editing


At SusanPrep, we understand that many students dread writing college essays, so we've designed techniques to make the process more fun and less of a chore. College and scholarship essays are personal, so they can be more creative than much of the writing students do for school. Every writer has a unique "voice." We teach you how to use this "voice" to differentiate your essays from hundreds or thousands of others.


We also believe in providing long-lasting educational tools. When we advise you on college essays, we also teach fundamentals of good writing that you'll use in college and beyond.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be stressful situations, but they don't have to be. By anticipating the questions that you'll be asked and preparing for them, you'll feel confident that you're presenting your background to the best of your ability during each interview sesion. We teach you to develop responses to frequently-asked questions, help you to conquer nervousness or uneasiness, and prepare you to deal with any aspects of the interview process that you feel uncomfortable with.

It's important to address any hesitations that an interviewer may have about you before each meeting is concluded. We teach you how to properly close an interview, so you'll know where you stand, and increase the probability of getting an offer.

Edit On-Call/Writing Coach Services

When you're writing for work or professional purposes, your grammar, wording, punctuation, and usage should be as close to perfect as possible. We offer a convenient resource for that. We can write materials for you, based on information that you provide, edit what you've already written, or be available for any questions that you may have.

When you hire us for any writing-related services, we include instruction on writing fundamentals and concepts that you can use going forward.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English language can be challenging to learn and, as with any foreign language, there's a tendency to feel uncomfortable if you're not sure that you're expressing your thoughts correctly, or you don't understand what you're hearing. We use a conversation-based approach in our lessons. By talking to you, we identify areas of language that we can help you improve on and structure our lesson plans to address those areas.

We customize each lesson, so we can focus on specific aspects of the English language, such as speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, or writing if you'd like to. Our techniques are adaptable, and we request frequent feedback  to make sure that we're teaching you in a manner that helps you learn quickly and most effectively.